Letter from Executive Director, Sally Sheperdson

Dear Friends,

Impact is something so often overlooked. As we go about our business each day we tend to be unaware that the little things we do may have positively impacted someone. Did you stop for a cup of coffee this morning, hold open the door for a fellow customer and exchange a smile? When you were at work did you ask a colleague how they’re doing and really listen to them? The simplest action can make an impression and leave a lasting impact.

As we reach the end of a very eventful year, we would like to thank all of you for the positive impact you have made to the Komen mission through your friendship and support; a commitment that is clear through your collective donations of time, talent and treasure. Whether serving on a committee, helping us secure a silent auction item, or raising funds for the Komen CSNJ Race for the Cure, your contributions to the Central and South Jersey Affiliate of Susan G. Komen are significant and so very much appreciated.

2016Our focus for 2016 remains steadfast on the local needs of our communities, dedicated to educating residents about breast cancer and the resources available, and committed to providing life-saving screening and access to treatment programs for those battling this disease.

Wishing you and yours all the best in the New Year.

Sally Sheperdson
Executive Director

2015 EOY Campaign-Final