Bill Jamison, Instructor, Office of Continuing Professional Education, Rutgers University

Bill Jamison is a CDC certified instructor in Crisis Emergency Risk Communications (CERC).  He delivered this training as part of New Jersey’s 40-hour Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness certificate program and has been a presenter at several state and national conferences. Bill delivers countless workshops on communications proficiencies including, Customer Service, Effective Speaking, Marketing for non-profit agencies, Improving Professional & Personal Communications Techniques, Working with the Media and Team Building.

Bill was a member of the NJ Department of Health Communications staff during the events of 911 and Anthrax and provided guidance and support to the Commissioner and department staff on managing messages to the media and the public and provided daily updates for the NJDOH website during that period.

Bill manages his own communications consulting business and clients incorporate various public health agencies and businesses.  His projects include video production, marketing, and publicity. He is an accomplished speaker on media and communications and enjoys writing and speaking about the media, its evolution and its effect on culture.  For more than 12 years Bill was the producer/host of a weekly program which aired on cable televisions systems throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey.

As a federally appointed advisor to the CDC, he published Chasing The Technology Rabbit in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, which addresses the struggle to keep rapidly evolving technologies practical, useful and available to those who need it.

Bill is a performing musician and songwriter and holds copyrights on more than 20 original compositions. He is most proud of his unshakeable belief in the triumph of the human spirit and the endless possibilities of each new day.

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