We Don’t Make A Living By What We Do, But We Make A Life By What We Give: Scott Present’s Life Philosophy and Contribution to the Komen Cause

Olivia Bonevento is a featured guest blogger for Komen CSNJ. She lives at the Jersey Shore and is currently a student at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. Read more about Olivia on her personal blog – oliviabonevento.wordpress.com.

The above quote, originally said by Winston Churchill, has always provided inspiration to Scott Present, the owner and founder of Xtreme Event Group. “From a young age,” he says, “My parents instilled volunteering and community service as an important part of life.”

Present,who lives in Manalapan, NJ and is married with two daughters, first reached out to the local Komen CSNJ Affiliate in 2012 to see if there was anything he could do to assist and get involved after he saw a flyer advertising a local Komen fundraising event.

After he first contacted Komen, he was asked to provide music and entertainment for the 2013 Race for the Cure. This, Present says, was the start of a great partnership. Since, Present has been extremely involved with Komen. He has been involved in the Pier Village Pooch Party, The Komen Color 5K, The Pink Power Party, and the Race for the Cure (2013-2016).

Present truly enjoys working with the dedicated team at Komen CSNJ. “I have had the pleasure of working with them, and have not only learned about the incredible life-saving contributions this organization provides, but I have also established a strong friendship and partnership with everyone on the team.”

Present has always had a passion for giving to others, and this passion spills onto his work with his own company and with Komen. “My passion for giving has always been an integral part of the company I founded. Supporting the community through giving has always been a cornerstone of Xtreme Event Group.” He went onto explain a little more about what his company does. “Each year, we donate countless hours of time, talent, and resources to local organizations. It has been an honor for our team to continually support Komen.”

When Present continued to speak about Komen, he fondly recalls memories from the Race for the Cure specifically. During the past year, Present joined the committee of volunteers for the event. He was in awe of their talents, passions, and stories. “For me,” he says, “The ‘Race for the Cure’ is one of my favorite events all year to provide entertainment for. I am not only personally inspired by the thousands of survivors that attend, but am also so humbled that my passion for entertaining truly helps to inspire and instill hope in others.”

When asked to give his most meaningful memory with Komen, he again brings up the Race for the Cure. He explains that prior to the race, he helped to create an inspirational tribute song that incorporated heartfelt personal messages from supporters/survivors on why they race for Komen. When the song was played at the event, “I got chills running down my body after seeing thousands of participants/survivors holding hands… it made me hopeful that one day breast cancer will be cured.”

With people like Scott Present taking time out of their schedules and contributing to the Komen cause, we are one step closer to finding a cure for breast cancer.

We can’t wait to see Scott and Xtreme Event Group, our 2017 Race for the Cure Entertainment Partner, on Sunday, November 5th!  Click below to learn more about the Race, volunteering or make a donation.  For specific questions, email race@komencsnj.org.