Pink Power Party: The Ultimate Girl’s Night Out That Mixes Awareness & Fun!

Olivia Bonevento is a featured guest blogger for Komen CSNJ.  She lives at the Jersey Shore and is currently a student at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania.  Read more about Olivia on her personal blog –

Susan G. Komen encourages women empowerment, and there is nothing more empowering than an event where women can feel beautiful in all ways. The 2nd Annual Pink Power Party, a Susan G. Komen event at iPlay America Freehold on February 9 does exactly this. The Pink Power Party is a fantastic evening filled with fun, fashion, and fabulous food. It will directly benefit Komen CSNJ, and includes cocktails, dinner, shopping with vendors, a runway fashion show, and an amazing SWAG bag. Tickets are $50 per person, and they can be purchased by visiting and entering the word “PINK”. The event has many sponsors, including Monmouth County’s Ask The Doctor, Becky Proske-Charles Schwab, Freehold Radiology Group, Xtreve Event Group, Old Bridge Spine and Wellness, and Dr. Michael Nagy. The fashion show is styled by Lola’s NJ and Brazen Bars Boutique. There is something for everyone at the Pink Power Party- there is no shape, size, age, or price point that isn’t welcome.  Everyone goes home with a SWAG bag and some other fun prizes.

There are two remarkable women in particular that are not only sponsors of the event- they are also committee members. These two women have dedicated a lot of time to the Komen mission, and acknowledging people like them is just one way that we can thank them for their service and encourage others to join the amazing Komen community.

Cami Gunther, one of these women, is extremely honored to be a part of the Susan G. Komen cause. She loves that Komen does not only bring awareness to breast cancer- they also let the public know what resources are out there, and brings in local businesses. Her goal, quite simply, has always been to connect residents, businesses, and the bigger community for a greater good.

Cami was drawn to Komen because a part of her own company, a health and wellness magazine, is non-profit and she loves to use her voice in publications, help small business, people touched with breast cancer, and everyone she can. Though she has never had any personal experience with breast cancer, she has found through her work in Monmouth County many are unaware of their own risk of breast cancer and they don’t make it a priority. This is where her health magazine comes in. Her goal is to have a magazine that is a “quick and easy read”, with news and trends that are more locally based to better serve her Monmouth County audience. She tries on a daily basis to connect local physicians to the community, for she believes that a good patient/doctor relationship is the key to growth on both ends. She believes that the healthcare industry is changing, and that connecting everyone with awareness is crucial.

“When people work together,” she says, “We can have a thriving community”.

Cami is very excited about the 2nd Annual Pink Power Party.  She believes iPlay is the ideal place to hold the event. They are, according to her, “always one to give back, and are well-known/respected in the community. They also have the space to make the event the best it can be”.

The Pink Power Party will be held in the iPlay America Event Center.

Rebecca Proske is another woman who is both a committee member and a sponsor. She is affiliated with Charles Schwab, a financial services company. She is based out of Freehold, and is extremely close to iPlay America- the event is in her backyard, which makes it even easier for her to be invested. She got involved with Komen after meeting Suzanne Corson at the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce. She learned from Suzanne that being female and getting older are the two biggest factors of Breast Cancer. She wanted to learn more, and now uses her community connections to engage friends and clients to further explore Komen. Her favorite part about the Pink Power Party is meeting the vendors and entrepreneurs, particularly those who are women. There is no limit to what women can do, Rebecca says, and this event is all about showcasing that. As a sponsor, Rebecca has a presence and is financially committed to the event through Charles Schwab. As a committee member, she also works on the other side, working on getting sponsors/vendors, helping to get donations, and donating a Michele watch, which she did this year along with Gary Michaels Fine Jewelry.

She encourages as many people to come to the Pink Power Party as possible—it is a great combination of raising money for a cause and having a good time. “Grab a girlfriend,” she says, “And come join us!”

The Pink Power Party is not an event you will want to miss. What is better than empowering women and making them feel beautiful while raising money for a cause?

It’s not too late to get a ticket. Go online to and type in the word PINK!