More Than Pink



It’s one thing to be aware of breast cancer.  It’s another thing to do something about it.  Here are three #KomenCSNJ Heroes who make pink so much more than a color.





Tara Lavin is More Than Pink.

Tara Lavin founded the PINK Softball Tournament which encourages the local youth to fundraise for breast cancer research and help spread awareness. Tara was asked why she works so hard every year, to which she simply replied “because I can”. She believes it is important for young women to give back to the community and learn about breast cancer in a realistic light. Tara believes the most empowering part of the tournament is when survivors come out and say a few words during the “first-pitch ceremony”. Read more about why Tara is More Than Pink.




Ann Kolber is More Than Pink.

Ann Kolber was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and spends Spring, Summer, and Fall fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey Race for the Cure. She fundraises through personal letters to friends and family and out in the community by “shaking the can” (donation jar) in front of popular store fronts in her hometown. Over the past 8 years, Ann has raised over $45,000. Read more about how Ann is More Than Pink.



Dr. Denise Johnson Miller is More Than Pink.

Dr. Denise Johnson-Miller is passionate about taking care of other women. Throughout her childhood she knew that the profession of a doctor would be a given because of her love for taking care of others and now she is a breast surgeon. Dr. Johnson-Miller believes it is important to set goals and donate because of all of the great benefits that fundraising provides. She loves seeing survivors of breast cancer that have come out on the other side, thriving and enjoying life. Read more about why Dr. Johnson-Miller is More Than Pink.



Be More Than Pink this Fall!




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