Letter from Sally Sheperdson, Executive Director of Komen CSNJ

daisyI was walking my dog, Daisy, last month and stopped into a local shop (dog friendly of course!) to say hi to the owner. As we were chatting she asked if activities here at Komen Central and South Jersey had slowed down any since the Race for the Cure. I was explaining that we never really “slow down” when another woman in the shop came up to me.  She introduced herself and said that she overhead I worked for Susan G. Komen in Central and South Jersey and she wanted to thank me. It turns out Sarah had just received a mammogram through a Komen-funded program. She had been so anxious, having no health insurance and not having had a mammogram for the past two years. Her fears were put aside when the results came back just fine. She hugged me and thanked me again for this peace of mind and for taking care of her.

In fact, it was I who thanked her. I thanked her for sharing her story and for reminding me again how important the work we are doing is in the lives of so many. But it is you I must thank the most – your donations and fundraising are what make free mammograms a reality for those in need.

So I ask you at this time of the year to please make a donation if you haven’t yet this year or an additional donation to go the extra mile.  I ask on behalf of women like Sarah and the other thousands who will be served in our communities through your generosity.


Next time you are out and about, think about this – you could very well be walking past someone whose life was helped in some way by your donation. Now that’s powerful stuff.

Best wishes for the New Year,