Letter from Executive Director, Sally Sheperdson

Pumpkin Spice Lattes in coffee shops, grocery stores displaying pumpkin-shaped banners, mounds of trick or treat candy stocked to the brim, Halloween is coming, but first… It’s time for the Central and South Jersey Komen Race for the Cure!  On Sunday October 4th we will gather to celebrate our success in fundraising for the cures at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, where we will honor our Survivors and Forever Fighters, and take a moment of silence for those we have lost to breast cancer.

Bugs BunnyI love Komen Race Day and can’t wait to share it with you – full of new fun features, old friends and powerful emotions.  But even more moving to me is what happens after the Race. This is when our Affiliate Community Grants program process begins and we these dollars to work!  Up to 75% of the funds you have raised go directly into Central and South Jersey – funding mammograms, diagnostics, transportation, access to care and support for the women and men in our service area. Then we send 25% of the funds you have raised to the Komen National Scientific Research Foundation to fund groundbreaking research to find the cures for breast cancer. In this way the Komen you support and trust is working to end breast cancer forever by finding and delivering the cures of tomorrow while at the same time recognizing that women and men in Central and South Jersey need our help today.

How do we determine where in Central and South Jersey the funding goes and for what purpose?

We perform an exhaustive qualitative and quantitative analysis relative to the breast health and breast cancer needs in the area and by creating a Mission Action Plan to specifically meet these needs.

We recently completed our 2015-2019 Community Profile – a “pink paper” on the state of breast health in the thirteen counties that comprise our service area.  Please read the Executive Summary of this Community Profile by clicking HERE. Even if you just skim through it, you will understand that the need for our assistance is great. We fund programs to meet this need until we run out of funding. With your support we can go farther and deeper into the communities we serve.

It’s that simple.

So have a “Komen Goes Wild” time on October 4th and know that your fundraising dollars are truly making a difference.

Thank you for supporting and caring,