2015 Community Profile Report

The Community Profile is an assessment that is conducted every four years to provide an overview of breast health and breast cancer needs in our service area and the resources that exist to meet those needs. The Profile helps our Affiliate identify gaps in the health system and develop strategies towards addressing them, focusing on the entire breast cancer Continuum of Care.

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The Profile includes an overview of demographic and breast cancer statistics as well as interviews with health experts and community members who live and work in the target communities. The final product is a compelling look at the state of breast cancer in our community and a plan of action in order to help improve it. Ultimately, the Profile helps us to guide our grantmaking priorities and work more effectively within the community.

The State of Breast Cancer in New Jersey

  • 3rd highest death rate among all U. S. states.
  • 8th highest number of new cases among all U. S. states.
  • 7,000 individuals will be diagnosed this year.
  • 1,300 will die this year.

Source: 2015 Community Profile.

The State of Breast Cancer in Central and South Jersey

  • Central and South Jersey has a higher mortality rate and a higher percentage of late-stage diagnoses than NJ as a whole and the U. S. (Click the map to view key breast cancer statistics throughout the service area).
  • Salem County has the highest mortality rate among all races.
  • Camden County has the highest percentage of late-stage diagnoses and the lowest mammography screening rates.
  • Cumberland County has the poorest socioeconomic conditions, including the highest percentage of those who incomes fall below the federal poverty level.
  • Atlantic County has the highest mortality rate among African American women and some of the lowest survival rates among all races.

Source: 2015 Community Profile.

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