Karen Correa, MS, Ph.D., CCRA

Karen Correa has 26 years of clinical research experience. She is currently Senior Director, Clinical Operations at Adare Pharmaceuticals and a Board Member of East Carolina University Alumni, CAMcare a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center, editorial board of Clinical Leader, Next Level Youth, and Susan G. Komen South Central Jersey Affiliate. Dr. Correa is a published author that has provided strategy and innovation to pharmaceutical companies, clinical sites on diversity inclusion in clinical trials, health disparities, health equity, and patient advocacy. Dr. Correa holds a BS in Biology from East Carolina University, MSA from Central Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in International Health Research from Trident University.  She has utilized her educational experience and knowledge to inspire and mentor young women and girls via motivational speaking events and workshops in the pursuit of STEM careers and education.

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